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What are Antileprotic agents? Dapsone and Sulfones Dapsone (Avlosulfon) is the most widely used sulfone for the long-term therapy of leprosy. Dapsone, combined with other antileprosy agents like rifampicin and clofazimine, is used in the treatment of both multibacillary and paucibacillary M. leprae infections.
What type of disease is leprosy? Leprosy (Hansen's Disease) is a chronic infectious disease that primarily affects the peripheral nerves, skin, upper respiratory tract, eyes, and nasal mucosa (lining of the nose). The disease is caused by a bacillus (rod-shaped) bacterium known as Mycobacterium leprae.
How many bananas should you eat a day? Adults should consume about 3,500mg of potassium per day, according to the UK's National Health Service. The average banana, weighing 125g, contains 450mg of potassium, meaning a healthy person can consume at least seven-and-half bananas before reaching the recommended level.
Can leprosy kill if left untreated? Leprosy is a chronic infection caused by Mycobacterium leprae (M. leprae) bacteria. If left untreated, leprosy can cause deformities of the hands and feet, blindness, and kidney failure.
Do leper colonies still exist? In the U.S., leprosy has been all but eradicated, but at least one ostensible leper colony still exists. As of 2015, six leprosy patients still live on the island, where they have elected to stay.
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